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Bell Week Festivities

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

By Dalicia Duran

All around Centennial, every club and sport is preparing for the annual Bell Game and the festivities that lie ahead.

Dance and Cheer have been hard at work on their halftime routines for about a month now, from picking music to choreographing. They typically practice after school for about 3 hours.

Dance and Cheer also spent last weekend making poster to line Centennial's side of Dutch Clark for Bell Game.

STUGO and volunteers just spent all of Friday decorating the halls for Bell Week.

STUGO had also been seen painting posters all week that would be hung in the halls for Bell Week.

Many clubs and sports have been preparing for their Bell Bash booth and organizing what they will be doing for the booth.

Cheer and Dance have also created locker posters for football players, dancers, and cheerleaders that will be hung up the week of Bell.

Some junior class students have created the annual firefighter shirts and more last week.

This is only some of the many, many festivities that are undergoing for preparation of Bell Week.

Photo by Devin Blue

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