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Always Hoop for the Best: Bulldogs' Basketball Confident for Season

By Patrice Sais

The Centennialight

The Bulldogs started their season 3 weeks ago and are standing at an overall record of 2-2. It looks like their biggest rival this season is gonna be South High School with their streak of 3 wins. But our Bulldogs have the offense and keys to put up a good game with South.

Centennial Boys Basketball is coached by M. Gilbert, head Coach D. Villegas, assistant Coaches L. Martinez, Gerald Floyd, and Joe Vigil.

The boys varsity team consists of Evan Hernanadez, Braden Hernandez, Kevin Patterson, Cristian Moctezuma, Victor Quintana Antillon, Landen Lenn, Shon West, Thomas Pencis, Michael Arrell, Dominick Hogue, Jeffrey Valdez, Xavian Ramos and Frank Ruiz. Jeffrey Valdez #33 starts off the season with player of the game as he led his team in scoring and defense.

Xavian Ramos #44 states “I think our season is gonna go very well. We really just need to play our own game. Although It will be our biggest challenge I really do think we can compete. I'm not gonna say we are gonna go undefeated, but I do confidently say we are gonna have a winning record and put up a fight every game. Centennial is back and better than ever.”

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