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Adjusting to a “Normal School Year” After Global Pandemic

By Hailey Maes

The Centennialight

In March of 2020 the word “normal” ceased to exist in our vocabulary, especially in a school setting. For the past year and a half we, as a society, have had to adjust to the new normal that COVID-19 introduced us to.

For a lot of students, Covid impacted their education and school lives tremendously. From wearing masks for 8 hours a day and social distancing to constantly missing a chunk of our student body due to a positive Covid case, this pandemic has taken a huge toll on our school.

Even though it has been almost two years since the initial lockdown, we are still living and functioning through a pandemic. Some sort of normal has been reintroduced to our lives, but it still is nowhere near how it was before Covid.

We're nearly 4 months into the school year, and yet everyday there is something new to adjust to. Positive Covid tests pop up everyday, and with everybody not being fully vaccinated, many students miss school due to being exposed to someone with Covid.

Missing school, and missing their extracurricular activities can take a major toll on students' mental health and their academic development.

A lot of students are hands-on learners, so being out of school and doing work on their own can truly affect their education.

A big portion of students can hardly remember what normal looked like just a short year ago, this has become our new normal.

Returning back to anything other than the “normal” we're living in now would be unnatural.

Photo by Tristan Hernandez

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