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A Beatdown for the South Colts

By Caleb Castano

October 16, 2019

The Centennial Bulldogs, once again, showed who was the best in the South Central League. The South Colts tried their best to keep in the game leaving the Bulldogs scoreless for almost 36 minutes.

“We would get to the attacking 3rd and we would just start making mistakes,” said Orlando Trujillo, junior. The South team seemed to sit back defensively leaving Centennial a very hard time to get shots in.

The Bulldogs found the net with a great strike from Trujillo. This proved to be a big momentum shift for the team.

“The team really needed it. Not only did it boost the team up, but it boosted me up because I felt as if I was having a poor half,” Trujillo said.

Two minutes after the first goal, Fransisco Chávez netted the second before the end of the half off of a corner kick ending the first half 2-0 Bulldogs.

The chances kept coming in the second half until one was netted by Caleb Castaño putting the Bulldogs up 3-0.

There was no stopping Centennial as they pushed through to net another two goals by CJ Augustin and Timmy Romero ending the game 5-0.

The top team in the SCL is looking to win the league in their Wednesday night match-up against Pueblo West.

"It should be a difficult game, but if we connect and the chemistry is good, we can win,” said Trujillo leading into the game that will really prove if Centennial is the best in Pueblo.


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