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“The Little Things,” A Denzel Movie with No Flare

By Antonio Luevanos


The Little Things, written and directed by John Lee Hancock, is a film with no life other than the fact that they casted Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto in the same film, and honestly, I just wanted more. The script is fine, but at times it’s horrendous, similar to Malek’s performance.

Washington is fine, his dialogue is questionable however. I think the movie is pretty inconsistent overall, at least with the writing and acting. There are some really interesting and engaging ideas here, but the way it’s executed and delivered just wasn’t all that good.

One thing that was across-the-board awful was the score and the music. It’s appallingly bad. The music choice was extremely questionable and unfitting. Most of the time it felt like they just put music in because they had the rights to the song or something. The score is so bad. It’s almost unbearable. It matches the mood well enough, but it’s so repetitive, unimpressive and not daring at all. Most of the time I was annoyed by the score, when I wasn’t annoyed by the unnatural dialogue.

Specifically, the fact that the movie is called “The Little Things,” just so Washington could be the cool guy that says the title. That part was so unnecessary.

Jared Leto was actually pretty good in this movie. But overall not a single aspect impressed me. It wasn’t boring though.

There is some really good camera work, and the story for the most part is compelling, except when it’s not. I also really love the ending. It feels fitting but also feels a lot more clever than the rest of the film. Not really worth the 2 hour runtime though.

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