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The Disaster of the Broncos' Season

By Jack McMurtree

The Centennialight

The Denver Broncos have not been good. With the record of 3-9, they have been a dumpster fire. The defense has not been the problem. Special teams, though, have not been good. And the offense is even worse - 32nd (last) in the NFL in scoring.

So Why is the Offense struggling? Russell Wilson has not played well this season, but why is he struggling? The first thing that comes to mind is his age. After all he is 34 years old but last season he was 33 years old and he played just fine. So why is he struggling? Are the wide receivers not getting open?If they are not finding space during the scramble or not getting separation then it's their fault, but sometimes they need to be scheme open and better coaching.

Is it the scheme? It makes sense because the whole offense has been bad, and when it's all bad it is probably a coaching problem. If no adjustments are made, how can we fix it? Will it start on top?

The Broncos have to fire Nathaniel Hackett and get a new coach to fix Rus and the rest of the team. If it works, then George Paton saves his job and the Broncos win. If they don't, Paton loses his job the Broncos are stuck with Rus and they have to destroy the roster and rebuild.

So that is the issue if you fix it it avoids a dark future. If we don't fix it then this organization is going to be a dumpster fire. So that's the blueprint and the only two options in the future. Hopefully it gets resolved. If not, Broncos Country, it's not going to be good.

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