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Students Audition for All State

By Nadia Jackson

October 27, 2019

On Wednesday, select Centennial musicians joined other Colorado juniors and seniors in auditioning for Colorado’s All State Showcase.

AllState is an opportunity for gifted students enrolled in their high school vocal program to perform with one of three choirs in a performance in the spring.

Centennial sent 11 juniors and seniors to audition for a spot in the performance.

After audition results are posted, those deemed qualified to perform will practice up until the festival in February.

Auditions are judged using a point system grading a variety of different qualities in each student’s performance.

Singers receive a score out of 100 grading subcategories of their prepared solo, sense of tonality, intervals between singing, and sight reading. This will then be calculated into a “Z-score” to account for different qualified judges.

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