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  • Jacelynn Shadbolt

Student Athlete Signs to College in New York

By Jacelynn Shadbolt

The Centennialight

Kylee Farrer has officially committed to Ithaca College’s girl's soccer team in New York during an emotional signing ceremony on Wednesday, May 8.

Farrer got emotional after hearing a letter written by her very first coach and read by her current coach, Jeff Sterling.

Farrer chose Ithaca after connecting with their coaches and discovering she did not want to live in the city.

“The coaches have been a really big part of my process and have been very patient with my decisions. We tried Chicago; I cannot be a city girl,” she said with a laugh.

Farrer plans to major in pre-med and biomedical sciences. She wants to work in the medical field, specifically as a Prosthetist. 

She recently interned with a Prosthetist in Pueblo and realized she wanted to make people’s lives easier and said, “It’s really cool to see how much people’s lives improve after getting their prosthetics.”

Farrer is known for her ability to excel academically while also standing out as a varsity soccer player. She credits her success to her ability to manage her time well.

“Once you learn how to manage your time, it’s pretty easy to have time for homework and for free time.”

Farrer averaged 2 assists per game and ended with 24 assists and 19 goals during the 2024 season, earning her entry into Centennial’s Hall of Fame on May 2, 2024.

Her teammates say she’s funny, a hard worker, and encouraging on the field. Teammate, Ella Severson, said, “She’s motivating and her hard work really shines through. Even when it's an intense game, she knows how to lighten up the mood.”

Farrer will leave behind a legacy of determination and inspiration.

Kylee Farrer signs the official paperwork to commit to playing soccer at Ithaca College. Photo by Ella Greenwood

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