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Spring Musical Begins Rehearsing After Releasing Cast List

By Nadia Jackson

Centennial’s Drama Department began rehearsing the main dance numbers for the annual spring musical- this year, Fiddler on the Roof, after holding auditions and releasing the cast list in mid-January.

While there are many important roles throughout the show, the roles of Golde (the mother) and Tevye (the father) seemed to be the most sought after.

These lead roles were cast to seniors Maya Maes-Johnson and Ben Christoferson respectively.

Typically the leads in the musicals are performed by the upperclassmen most suited towards the roles.

In order to prepare for rehearsals, there is a sense of self accountability for students in order to be successful. Students must memorize lines and review their music on their own.

While director, Jericha Khosla, guides students in the right direction in terms of their character through plot and script analysis, many students decide to research on their own in order to develop a deeper understanding of the character.

As rehearsal continues, the groups will get smaller as individual scenes become more of a priority until tech and dress rehearsals as showtime approaches. The musical is set to be performed April 16-18.

Fiddler on the Roof is about life among the Jewish community of a pre-revolutionary Russian village. A poor milkman, determined to find good husbands for his five daughters, consults the traditional matchmaker and God.

Photo by Tressa Torres

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