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Seniors Ready to Dominate Powder Puff

By Rachel Baird

September 23, 2019

On September 25, at Centennial High School, the girls senior class will battle against the juniors in an annual and intense flag football game-The Powder Puff.

The game is held every school year during the month of September, the same week of Homecoming, and both the senior and junior classes of girls take it very seriously.

The senior class consists of a solid 24 members, with four coaches. They plan on practicing every day this week, along with Monday and Tuesday the following week before the game on Wednesday.

The commitment that these senior girls have, shows how badly they want to redeem their reputation from the disappointing loss during last year's game.

Coach Damerico commented, “I have a lot of confidence in our team this year. The girls are very committed to winning and you can see the effort they put into learning the game.”

The senior class of girls are very close to one another and share a mutual friendship that helps improve the team’s overall morale.

During the last couple practices, the team has been able to cover the aspects of offense, defense, and special teams.

Team member Anahi Zambrano commented, “I want to win this year. I can already tell that this year's team of seniors are very competitive and we will not stand to lose two years in a row. We are working very hard and developing plays that I know will work heavily in our favor.”

The junior team this year is very large with 35 committed members of their own.

Crystal Whalen expressed how she felt about the junior team. “They have a very large team, and people might think we are intimidated but I can say that we aren’t. I know that our team consists of 24 valuable girls who each play a role in how the team performs. Yeah, they might have the numbers on us, but we have the overall confidence and skill to beat them.”

Although the game takes a lot of skill, it also takes a lot of muscles. During this game, the girls will put all their effort towards defending one another, and making the plays work to their advantage.

The game is always exciting for the whole school, and each team is determined to win. This year's game will take place on Wednesday September 25 at 2:30 p.m at Centennial High School.

The senior powder puff team poses for a team photo before the game. Courtesy photo

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