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Lady Bulldogs Start Their Season With an Impressive Win

By Hailey Maes

With the Lady Bulldogs basketball team going 0-10 in the South-Central league, and going 3-20 overall in 2020, the Bulldogs are looking to rebuild this season and earn a South- Central league win.

This past Saturday the team showed potential for a very successful season ahead.

The Bulldogs basketball team scored 45 points and held the host Mitchell Marauders to 32 in the Bulldogs non-league triumph on Saturday.

Junior, Tyjhanae Penny came out and scored an impressive 23 points, half of the Bulldogs total points.

This single game was just a stepping stone to this team's final rebuild. There is clearly more work to be done, but for sophomore Meya Vigil she is confident that the team's dynamic and impressive teamwork will help will games.

“The dynamic on the team this year is positive. We all have similar goals and we all always help each other out to achieve it,” Vigil said. “Our goal is to walk into each game and leave everything we have out on the court. We can win many games if we just play our hearts out.”

But what compares this so far, successful season to last year's season? Vigil explained, “This year’s team compared to last year’s team has changed. I believe that we have all started playing better together, there’s more unity than last season, which is what’s making us successful.”

If the Bulldogs can keep up their winning streak, they are certain to have a very successful 2021 season. “I believe the rest of the season will look really good. We have a lot of potential to win a lot of games. We just need to keep our heads in it and not get down on ourselves,” Vigil described.

No denying that the Bulldogs started off their season strong. But, it's clear that if they continue to work as a team, they could easily have a very successful season.

Photo by Victoria Pfingston.

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