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  • Juliana Segura

Girls Cabinet Hosts Mental Health Campaign

By Juliana Segura

The Centennialight

In the last two weeks of April, Girl’s Cabinet showed support for mental health through a Mental Health Campaign that gave students opportunities to catch a break by hosting several events including a game day, guided meditation, and movie night.

The first event was Game Day on April 24th where students who had a 7th period were sent down to the commons where they could play games like Kahoot on the learning stairs, and other games outside in the courtyard. 

Kahoot, for example, was a student-run game that served as a fun way to end the day without stress or turmoil. It was a fun trivia game that allowed students to test their knowledge and have friendly competition; and also for teachers to see how much they really know outside of the classroom.

Their next event was guided meditation on April 30th during both lunches in the courtyard. 

Following that, they held a movie night after school on the learning stairs. Students were given popcorn and slices of cake complimentary to the chosen movie, Ratatouille.

This was a different way for students to relax and cool down after classes, especially if they needed something light-hearted to help them relax. 

Members who participate in Girl’s Cabinet feel like struggling with mental health or having confusing feelings can go hand-in-hand with balancing schoolwork, friends, and athletics. As such, they decided they wanted to make the topic of mental health normalized and easier to discuss. 

Audiana Jaramillo, a senior member of Girls Cabinet, believes that the campaign affected Centennial’s student body in a positive way.

Jaramillo shared she believes it’s important for people to understand that “struggling with mental health is normal and is nothing to hide or be ashamed of.”

Members of Girls Cabinet lead a guided meditation for other Bulldogs during a lunch time guided meditation. Courtesy Photos.

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