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  • Mercedes Caldera-Perez

Club Spotlight: Tabletop Games Club

By Mercedes Caldera-Perez

The Centennialight 

Dice Friends, unofficially called Tabletop Games Club, is a club at Centennial High School that is a place to play games and hang out with friends. The club usually has a schedule of playing Dungeons and Dragons (DND) one week, and board games the next. 

DnD is an elaborate table top role playing game that focuses on interactive storytelling. The players form a party of characters that explore a fantasy world and often partake in quests. 

DnD has sometimes been seen as a game that is “evil” when the game itself is neither good nor bad. The game is made by the players and is structured around creativity; therefore, the game is what the players make it.

Some other games that the group has played are Horrified, Hues and Cues, and Beyblade. 

The members all get together to play a game and eat pastries that are brought, while also getting a chance to hang out for a couple of hours outside of school.

The club did not decide on “Dice Friends” being their official name; that was a surprise to them when they found out about the title during a school presentation.

Considering they aren't exclusive to DnD, one of the students in the club, Valerie Tackett, commented, “[The name is] horrible in the best way, it's the worst thing they could have come up with, and it's great. They could have called it Nerd Club and it would make more sense.”

Another member of the club, Atlas Lopez, said, “It's a fun hangout for friends who already know each other,” and mentioned that being able to bring together friends for a DnD session is his favorite part of the club. 

There is a group of lively, welcoming people that attend every week. The club takes place on Fridays from 9am to 12pm and is a fun and easy way for students to come together and take a break from school; anyone is welcome to join at any time. 

Group photo of Dice Friends on the learning stairs with sponsor Christopher Trujillo. Photo by Ms. Amaya

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