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Centennial's Art & Choir Collaborate

By Nevaeh Martinez

December 5, 2019

Centennial's art class is currently under a collaboration with the Centennial choir for a performance coming up next month. The two classes will work together to create a theme from Disney's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

“I had collaborated previously with choir and it turned out to have a positive outcome so we decided to collaborate more with Christmas this year.The music department will be performing a winter performance this year,” states Centennial’s art teacher, April Vickey.

All four classes including pottery and painting are participating in the performance to show school spirit for the music department.

The Nightmare Before Christmas theme was not chosen by the art department, but they were able to have the honors to set up the idea for the choir class.

Everyone who has art is required to participate in this event. Most of the students pieces will be displayed, but depending on the space at the event some pieces will most likely not be able to have theirs shown. The most well taken care of pieces will be projected on the night of the performance.

“The skills required for this project will be basic drawing skills, understanding the layout of the paper they work with, problem solving and lastly shading,” shared Vickey.

The performance will be December 18th from 7-8:00 pm at Centennial High School.

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