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Centennial '22 Homecoming Dance "Hype and Exciting"

By Patrice Sais

The Centennialight

Centennial High School had a homecoming dance on September 16, 2022 for all Centennial students in the Courtyard. The dance lasted from 8pm to 11pm and the theme of the dance was Princess and the Frog.

Throughout the week, Centennial has held spirit days to show school spirit in the school for the homecoming football game, followed by the homecoming dance. The Bulldogs were barely defeated with a score of 14-16 against Cheyenne Mountain at the Dutch Clark Stadium.

The homecoming committee was announced at the homecoming football game and homecoming assembly. Your 2022 homecoming court consisted of Irivin Alardin, Elli Lind, Bryant Aramijo, Isabella Torres, Joey Cardinal, Shelby Gurule, Owen Jones and Kyli Valdez. The winners of the homecoming King and Queen were Irvin Alardin and Kyli Valdez.

Overall many people would say the dance was a good time. It was a good turnout and many students described the dance as “hype and exciting”. Most of the music played was upbeat and rapid. A lot of great memories were made during Centennials 2022 Homecoming dance.

Photo Courtesy of Centennial Annual Staff

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