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Cancelled California Trip

By Marisela Flores

Centennial choir and band kids had a big 4 day trip to California planned. They had been preparing since the beginning of last year by slowly paying it all off and beginning to get all the objects they needed.

Due to the Corona Virus, the district decided that it would be better to cancel all out-of-state trips. This California trip was cancelled exactly one week before they were meant to leave which left many of the students very disappointed.

Students had just finished paying off the trip last month. They’ve also had a countdown going on for since about a month.

This week the countdown was at its peak, the students decided to have a little spirit week in preparation for the trip. Some of the spirit days were Disney themed considering they were going to go to Disneyland for two days.

Monday was TikTok day, Tuesday was twin day, Wednesday was music video day, Thursday was hero vs villain day. The spirit days were supposed to continue on to Monday and Tuesday as well. Monday was going to be Disney cartoon day and Tuesday was supposed to be live action day.

The final spirit day that the students did was yesterday, which was music video day. It was announced during 6th hour by Ms. Krengel on the Facebook page for the trip, “It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that due to the Coronavirus our 2020 trip has been cancelled.” The students will be getting 75% of the money they paid back.

Marlena Archuleta, one of the band students that was supposed to go on the trip stated, “This is honestly really disappointing, I imagine that this is what true heartbreak feels like but it does make sense why it was cancelled.”

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