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Bulldogs first Loss

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

By Mikayla Henson

Centennial’s football team took a little bit of a beating this past Friday. The Bulldogs lost to the Canon City Tigers 41 to 0. But, it is also just the first game of the season with only a few weeks of practice, the dogs are just a bit rusty!

The Bulldogs had received the ball in the first quarter but then fumbled it and the Tigers recovered it. With the ball being around the 15 yard line, the Tigers then had put their first 7 up on the scoreboard.

The Bulldogs then responded back, Connor Niccoli ended up running the ball for about 30 yards in their possession. But unfortunately the dogs ended up fumbling again.

At half the score was 28-0. In the third quarter, the Tigers had only scored 13 points because Troy Silver had blocked a field goal attempt. The rest of the game there were a few more fumbles, and most of the time the Tigers had gained the possession.

The Dogs will take this loss as a learning opportunity, and bring those lessons they learned to the Bell game. Which is this Friday, the 16th, at 7 P.M. . Make sure to tune in on radio stations, social media, or the live broadcast!


Photos by Ashtyn Villalpando

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