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By Hailey Maes

The Centennialight

This past Friday night marked the 122nd annual Bell Game, against Pueblo Central and Pueblo Centennial. The longest standing rivalry this side of the Mississippi was on full display under the lights of Dutch Clark.

Centennial’s half of the stadium was bleeding red, our student section was electric and anxious to hear the bell ring red after a three year drought.

There was no doubt Centennial students showed up loud and proud, everyone in the stadium could hear just how proud they were to be Bulldogs. 8

Centennial started the game on fire, not giving Central an inch. Unfortunately after just a few minutes, everything went wrong. Our Bulldog quarterback went down and was sidelined the rest of the game.

Even after Centennial was down by a few touchdowns, our football boys and our student section never stopped fighting. They never stopped cheering on our Bulldogs.

The feeling you got from being in the student section was chilling, the environment was lively and fun. The students were animated and electrified.

Even Though at the end of the last quarter the bell did not ring red, there was no doubt that Centennial has school spirit, sportsmanship and love for our football team.

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