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Are the Broncos Turning the Season Around?

Updated: Feb 5

By Jack McMurtree

The Centennialight

Are the Broncos turning their season around? Sunday’s 21-17 victory over Jacksonville in the International Game in London suggests that a mid-season turnaround is possible. The Broncos started clicking on offense, scoring more than just one touchdown a game, and Russell Wilson is starting to cook.

However the Broncos did trade OLB Bradly Chubb for a first round pick and RB Chase Edmonds, which tells you that they are sellers and not buyers. Then the running backs have not run the ball well, so they got Chase Edmonds. The pass rush is full of talent and can afford to trade away Bradley Chubb and then replace him for Jacob Marton from the Jets. If anything we got more then we gave away.

The Broncos have struggled the first seven games of the season with high expectations. They have a record of 2-5 heading into this game. The offense has struggled at the beginning of the season (and at the first half of Sunday’s game), but in the second half they started to figure things out. Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson is starting to look like his old self and scoring more than one touchdown a game.

So are the tides terning for The Broncos. The best thing I could say is wait and see what happens; this could be a turning point for the team. So we will wait and see what happens, and hopefully we can turn it around and win.

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