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Any Day of the Week, Netflix's "Wednesday" is a Great Watch

By Bonnie Peek

The Centennialight

All eight episodes of Netflix's Wednesday came out on November 23, 2022. In the first week out, the Addams Family spinoff hit over 341.23 million views

In the high-school horror-comedy, there are four main groups: the furs, the fangs, the stoners and the scales. The furs are werewolves, the fangs are vampires, the stoners are gorgons, and the scales are sirens. But there are many different powers at Nevermore Academy beyond the four cliques. People can have the power to control bees, experience telekinesis and visions, and even to make pictures come alive.

The main character, Wednesday Addams (played by Jenna Ortega), has the power of visions. It happens when she touches certain things, she goes to where it happened and when it happened and she is able to see what happened.

After some time at Nevermore, Wednesday has a vision and finds out there's a monster killing people. Wednesday has Enid, her roommate, and Tyler, another friend she meets along the way, and together they help her solve the case and discover the truth.

If you want a fun show about growing up with a supernatural twist, check out Wednesday.

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