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A Bittersweet Goodbye

By Zoie Ford

The Centennialight

I’m very proud to be a Centennial bulldog. I had an older sibling that graduated from Centennial high school. The excitement about the new high school is unreal. The new building is going up very quickly. Much to my surprise I was totally devastated when I found out there would not be a swimming pool in the new school. The whole hype of Centennial has been that we have always to compete with class A city schools. Pueblo had at least one high school that had what Denver and Colorado Springs had to offer. I am truly saddened by this decision.

The swimming pool has had a big impact on the school. Without the swimming pool we would not have been able to have a swimming class or a swimming team during the swim season. An indoor swimming pool at the school provides a low-impact alternative to students that might have health issues, especially students who can't participate in running or other outdoor activities.

I personally think that we should ask for donations. Pueblo has a few silent millionaires that would love a tax write off. My emotions are running high. I’m keeping the faith that someone will donate money in time to build a new pool for Centennial. Students should petition to have the swimming pool built in the new high school. The swimming pool is a great part of our physical education department.

It will be a big part of our new school if we just have a pool. It brings great benefits to students and sports. Let keeps the things that make Centennial great and meaningful to everyone.

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