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2023 Snow Ball Assembly

By Mikayla Gonzales

The Centennialight

The Snowball assembly took place on February 2, 2023 in Centennial’s gymnasium. The assembly started off as the snowball court walked to their seats, escorted by their families or friends. The Snowball Court consisted of Blake Roberts, Todd Collinsworth, Nick Niccoli, and Victor Quintana, Ashlee Sandoval, Brooke Jones, Michelle Butram, and Camryn Vigil.

After the court walked to their seats, the Color Guard marched, and the choir sang the national anthem. After the national anthem was done, there were games played by each class like dance battles and balloon pop races. After the games were over, the choir sang another song.

Followed by that, the king and queen were announced: Blake Roberts and Ashlee Sandoval. They shared a dance on the Centennial logo, before the rest of the snowball court joined them on the dance floor. After they were all done dancing, they left with their families to take pictures in the museum.

The assembly ended with the competition for the spirit stick. Classes competed by yelling out their class chants, and the sophomores won the spirit stick (again). The assembly was definitely filled with lots of activities and fun.

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