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2022 Bell Week Dress-Up Days

By Bonnie Peek

The Centennialight

The bell game has been going on between Centennial and Central since Thanksgiving day in 1892 in what is believed to be the oldest ongoing American football rivalry for high schools west of the Mississippi. The Bulldogs and Wildcats are playing for the bell. Central has the Bell for now. The Bulldogs plan on getting it back. On the 7th of October will be the Bell Game between the Centennial Bulldogs and the Central Wildcats.

The Centennial Bulldogs Bell Week will happen next week starting October 3 and ending October 6.

Monday October 3 is Soccer Mom VS BBQ Dads. You can dress up as a soccer mom or a BBQ dad. Monday was great; it was great to see some of the teachers participate.

Tuesday October 4 is Adam Sandler Day. People can dress as Adam Sandlers or someone in the movies. Adam Sandler is one of the greatest people ever so it's nice to see a lot of people should dress as him.

Wednesday October 5 is Rivalry Day. We Bulldogs get to cut up a blue shirt and wear it. Most of the school will precipitate. Rivalry day is the best day in the Bell Week spirit days because the Bell football game is about the rivalry between the Bulldogs and the Wildcats.

Thursday October 6 Red and White. Red and White are our school colors and we have the Bell Week assembly on October 6 as well and they want us to show our school spirit. Most of the school wears red and white on Thursday because it helps with the school spirit.

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