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Seniors unhappy with start to the new school year

By Mikayla Henson & Ashtyn Villalpando

Everybody knows that the world is a little crazy right now, especially for kids in school. Many Bulldogs had high expectations for starting school in person, but that was not the case this year. Seniors are trying to figure out how to make the most of it.

Senior Zack James, also known as “Pretzel”, has mixed emotions about the beginning of the school year. He said, “I think it kind of sucks that we had to start our year like this and I hope we at least get to finish it at school, in person.”

“I am kind of sad about starting senior year this way, I don’t get to see my friends everyday,” said senior Alexa Aguirre. This is a big struggle among all ages, most people miss the norm.

“I miss all the events that we would have at this time, football, assemblies, etc., it is hard to think this is how we are going to remember the beginning of our senior year,” stated Aguirre.

James stated, “I feel sort of sad because we don’t get our last high school dances, Bell Game, and all the assemblies and other lasts that the seniors would have gotten this year.”

Aside from the things students are missing, many are also having a hard time adjusting to online learning. Being at home, you can get distracted with other things, which makes it harder to learn tough subjects, such as math.

“The one thing that is challenging for me is learning pre-calc over the computer. It is hard for me to learn because I can get distracted easily,” stated Aguirre.

Not only does the online model make learning difficult, it also hinders social interactions.

James shared, “Online school is boring because I just sit in my house all day listening to lectures over the computer.” Not being able to socialize with friends is a big part of online learning for James. “I don’t get that social interaction I’m used to getting. I love to socialize and online classes just aren't the same.”

With all of the circumstances that we are facing, many students are simply trying to stay positive and make the best out of this situation, hoping that the worst is behind us. Hang in there Bulldogs!

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