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Senior Spotlight: Mikayla Henson

By Jocelyn Lopez

Being a student, much less a senior, in 2020 isn’t easy. But Mikayla Henson is making the best of it.

Henson is a four year athlete in soccer and she played basketball her freshman and sophomore years. She lettered two years in basketball and three years for soccer. She occasionally started for basketball and is a starter on her soccer team. She loves both sports, but decided to fully focus on soccer.

“Something that I will always be passionate about is soccer. I can see myself being a coach later on down the road to give back to the community and help out little kids.”

But Henson is just as successful academically as she is with sports. Junior year isn’t an easy one, both trying to keep up good grades and juggling sports plus the stress of SAT/ACT. Some say junior year is the most difficult, but Henson got through it with ease.

“My biggest accomplishment so far in school is getting a 4.5 GPA last year.” Henson academically lettered her junior year.

Henson has many plans for her life after school. She plans on attending CSU-Pueblo on a soccer scholarship and is planning to major in nursing. “First I want to become a nurse practitioner because I want to help people, and it’s also good pay.” Henson has made many plans for her life after high school.

“Second I want to become a mom. I want to become a mom because my mom left me when I was 3 and I want to be the best mom I can be.” Henson’s relationship with her dad is one of the most important she says.

“My dad has influenced me the most because he raised me as a single dad and I wouldn’t know what to do without him. My dad was a single dad raising a girl and working 3 different jobs. He always made sure I got to whatever I needed and I always had what I needed. I want to be able to give back to my dad for all he has done for me. I would give back to my dad by taking him on nice trips and giving him nice gifts.”

Henson gave some words of wisdom for younger students attending Centennial hoping to guide them in the right direction. Being a new student in a new school, especially in high school can’t be easy. Hopefully these words reach someone and can help make their transition as to an incoming freshmen a little easier and a little less scary.

“I would say to join as many clubs as you can, make as many memories and just enjoy these four years because they do go by really fast!”

A quote Henson lives by is, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” This quote is important to her especially because it was a quote her aunt lived by, and her aunt lived such a fun life.

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