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Senior Spotlight: Ishaiha Torres

By Aliyona Gonzales

Isaiha Torres, 18, is a young man that appreciates good fun, family, and exercise.

Having come from the rural town of La Junta he continues to carry the small-town mentality of neighborly kindness. This is what Torres attributes to his many friends.

Although when it came to the question of if he has always been so sociable, he lightly laughed answering that in middle school he was actually quiet and innocent.

While Torres may have a heart of gold, his tough exterior proves the contrary. Isaiha is an avid weightlifter and a member of Centennial’s wrestling team. Torres has won a total of 9 medals ranging from first, second, and third.

When the motive of having fun comes back around Torres eloquently stated, "Sports aren’t worth it if you don’t have fun."

Photo by Nevaeh Martinez

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