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How to stay occupied on snow days

By Brooke Jones

Snow days can be fun and exciting, but they can also be boring and long. There’s a ton of fun ways to stay occupied during a snow day.

You can go outside and play in the snow. Bundle up and go make a snowman! Go make some snow angels. Have a snowball fight with some friends and family. Have a competition for who can build the best snowman. A very fun thing that I do with my siblings and friends is we go sledding when it snows a lot.

Some indoor activities you can do are make a fire and some hot chocolate and tell stories by the warm fire. You can play games like board games or hide and seek. Some fun things that I like to do as an indoor activity is to build a fort with my siblings.

There's many ways to keep yourself occupied on a snow day rather than just laying in bed all day. The next time you have a snow day you might give some of these activities a try.

Courtesy Photo by James Sais.

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