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By Eli Schwartz

The Centennialight

As the first semester of the 2022-2023 school year comes to an end, many students and teachers have their sights set on Winter Break. But just one hurdle is left before the vacation - finals.

First semester finals mark the end of the semester and are a crucial part of every students’ grade. Oftentimes, finals are heavily weighted and can make or break a student’s GPA. For this reason, excelling during finals is imperative.

Monday will be a normal day on a normal schedule. As pictured, finals begin on Tuesday, December 13 with only the 7th hour test being administered. The following day, students will take their 1st through 3rd hour finals and will be released at 12:15 to an assembly. And on Thursday, students will complete their 4th through 6th hour finals and will be released at 12:15 to enjoy their two-week Winter Break.

Students, keep working hard for just two more weeks and most importantly, good luck on your finals!

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