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COVID-19 is taking a toll on Senior Students

By Mikayla Henson

The talk around the whole entire world is the coronavirus. This has been affecting people in many ways, especially the seniors.

“Health wise, no, the coronavirus is not affecting my family or I, thankfully. Although it is a lot to take in knowing that this pandemic is going to take away the last moment of my senior year,” said Baird.

The Bulldogs are now out of school until April 17th, which they still don’t know if they will be going back, for certain, on that date.

“It is heartbreaking if schools are shut down for the rest of the year. That means that I’ll miss out on my senior year of soccer, prom, the last time I get to be with my friends,” said Baird.

As Baird mentioned, spring sports have also been postponed until April 18th. With sports being cancelled, this could be the last time that seniors get to play a certain sport.

“Students look forward to this season for years, and it’s overwhelming to know that half or more than half of my senior season is going to be taken away,” said Baird.

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