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Centennial's Own Jillian Peterson Wins Junior Miss Pueblo

By Hailey Maes

The Centennialight

On May 1, 2022, Centennial senior Jillian Peterson was awarded the honor of being named Junior Miss Pueblo, which is one of the many titles awarded in the Miss Pueblo County Scholarship Pageant and gives her a platform within the community.

“Winning Junior Miss Pueblo gets your name out there and gives you a platform,” Peterson explained.

The Miss Pueblo County Scholarship Pageant scores in a few elements including evening wear, casual/sportswear, and opening number which is an introduction and brief platform explanation.

“I am an advocate for homeless mental health and drug addiction, I can be of help and help be an advocate for them,” Peterson explained in regards to her platform.

The pageant is very competitive, with a lot of girls competing for a title. When asked why she decided to enter herself into the tough competition, Peterson answered, “My photographer has been bugging me to do it for years; I haven't done any extracurriculars yet in high school so I said, ‘Why not?’”

Winning Junior Miss Pueblo is clearly an honor, “Being named Junior Miss Pueblo was pretty meaningful, I can finally make more of an impact within my city,” Peterson said. “Winning boosted my self-esteem; I was very self-conscious before and this helped me work through that.”

Peterson will work closely with the rest of the Miss Pueblo court throughout this year by participating in community service projects, attending parades, and being a role model to the younger generation.

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