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Centennial Inducts 2019 Hall of Fame Members

By Nadia Jackson

November 21, 2019

On Thursday Centennial continued the annual tradition of welcoming three successful Centennial alumni into the Hall of Fame- this year Lieutenant Colonel Terence Douglas, Mr. Mike Sexton, and Dr. John Yeagerand as well as awarding an additional Service to Centennial award to someone who has made a positive impact on the school- this year to Mrs. Karen Pike.

All of the people recognized at the assembly held impressive resumes accounting for their acknowledgement.

LTC Douglas (class of 1975) was recognized with a Bronze Star and an Army Commendation Medal during Operation Desert Storm.

He also received the Meritorious Service Medal awarded for outstanding service and achievements to the US armed forces.

Mr. Sexton (class of 1974) who currently serves on the board of the Centennial Foundation has been recognized for his many years as a coach through the Commissioners Award in 2013 and the CARA Legacy Award for dedicated service in 2017.

Dr. Yaegar (class of 1970) continued his legacy of achievements he began in highschool throughout his career, as he was appointed Dean of Faculty and Academic Programs at the ICAF (Industrial College of Armed Forces) and became the primary consultant and advisor to the ICAF Commandant.

Mrs. Pike arrived at Centennial in 1993 and served as the Chairperson of Career and Technology Education for 13 years, as the FBLA Advisor for 22 years, and was recognized as one of Pueblo School District 60’s finest teachers.

In her time as FBLA Advisor she coached many state and national competitors and imparted values that last a lifetime.

During the assembly those recognized were interviewed on various aspects of their lifetime, focusing especially on their time at Centennial and how it impacted them.

Many imparted their own advice and wisdom to current Centennial students in the audience.

Students were encouraged to love what they do, apply a culture of respect at all times, get involved in many different kinds of activities, and remain curious.

Mike Sexton, Hall of Fame inductee, gets interviewed by Maya Johnson during the Hall of Fame Assembly. Photo by Erin McConnel

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