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An Affordable Holiday Gift Guide

By Nadia Jackson

Since it has been such an unusual year, it can be difficult to feel the same holiday spirit that many may have come accustomed to. Perhaps shopping slipped your mind, perhaps you do not feel comfortable shopping in stores this year, or perhaps, you simply need help figuring out what to buy for your family and friends. Whatever the case may be, here is a simple gift guide for all of your holiday needs.

Available Online:

While of course it is best to support these artists directly through their own store, you can often find cheaper alternatives to these items on sites like Etsy. Whether it be a shirt, crewneck, or even a sticker, any fan would be proud to display their appreciation of an artist they love.

2. Paint by Numbers Kit $14.99-$30

Paint by numbers is an easy and fun way to relax. Whether you gift with the intention of completing the painting together, or simply as something for them to do on their own, it is certain to please any art fanatic.

Mugs are often a staple gift during the holiday season, but sometimes they can feel impersonal. Show your outdoorsy friends you care with this personalizable mug where they can map their next road trip! Pair with their favorite tea or coffee beans for something extra!

This sentimental bracelet is not only stunning, but also has a hidden compartment which allows the wearer to write a store one of their wishes. This twist on a classic gift shows your support of the wearer’s pursuit of their goals.

Any music listener would love a portable speaker to use for get-togethers or even just jam

sessions in the shower.

This gift is a game changer for popcorn lovers. It’s a healthier way to pop popcorn without all the unknown ingredients. The shape is even designed so kernels won’t burn!

If you know anyone that likes to hold onto old concert or movie tickets, this gift is the perfect way to help them keep track! They can preserve their tickets, write notes about the event, and even just see how their tastes have changed over the years.

This subscription caters to a book lover’s tastes, and sends them one new book each month!

9. Beanie $12-$25

Cold weather accessories make a great gift during the winter. With a variety of brands, colors, and styles, you can personalize this gift to suit anyone’s style.

This hammerhead-printed pair supports Oceana’s shark conservation efforts, as their survival is being threatened by overfishing, habitat loss and shark finning. For every pair sold, Conscious Step donates at least $1 to help keep Oceana winning policy victories in the countries that govern much of the world's marine life.

11. Gift Cards to their Favorite Store or Restaurant

This is a classic gift, especially for someone who is difficult to shop for!

Available Locally:

12. A Book, from Book’s Again

Book’s Again is a project by Friend’s of the Library in which used books are sold to benefit the Pueblo City-County Library District. They have a wide variety of genres and very affordable prices.

13. A Gift Certificate or Comic Book, from Outer Limits Comic Books & Collectibles

This comic shop has very friendly staff and unbeatable comic book prices. Their comic books and gift certificates make great gifts!

14. A Houseplant, from Fox’s Garden Supply

Support a local business with a gift for your friend with a green thumb!

15. Handmade Soaps, from Formulary 55

With a wide variety of scents to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect gift! This is especially thoughtful for someone who may be under a lot of stress.

Homemade Options:

16. Recipe Cards or Cookbooks

If you like to cook and know someone who does as well, consider swapping your recipes! This is especially sentimental if you two have shared a specific memory over this meal.

17. Framed Photograph or Scrapbook

You can print pictures from Walgreens, or have them delivered to your door by Shutterfly. Either way, you can spend some time putting together a collection of your favorite memories with someone who is extra special to you.

18. Journal with a Personal Message Inside

This is a thoughtful twist on a classic gift for writers. Not only does it provide them the means to journal, but it also reminds them how much you care, each time they open it.

19. Painting

Even if you are not the most artistic person, there are so many helpful video tutorials you can follow. This gift is not only thoughtful, but it’s a great way to decorate!

20. Sweet Treats

If you like baking, consider giving someone their favorite dessert. Be sure to accommodate for any allergies they may have!

21. Homemade Candles

Candles are often a great gift, especially for people you may not know well, like teachers or co-workers, but can feel impersonal. Homemade candles are a great alternative, and they save so much money!

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