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Taylor Swift's "Midnights" Her Biggest Release Yet

By Ellie Zinanti

The Centennialight

On October 21, 2022, Taylor Swift came out with the hit album Midnights, her first new material since 2020. This album was sure to debut at No. 1, and it did, staying on the top of the charts for a week. This album racked up 228 million Spotify streams, breaking the record previously held by Drake, which led to Taylor becoming the most-streamed female artist on Spotify.

‘Midnights’ is by far Taylor Swift’s most successful album, and all of her fans have said that this is her best album that she has made. This album seemed to be a lot different than her last album, which was more indie-folk. This album is very similar to some of her past albums though, with similar beats, and with most of the songs being synth-pop.

Fans were excited to see what music Taylor Swift could come up with now. If you have been a longtime fan, you may be happy to see that Taylor used her past songs for inspiration in this album. Also, Taylor Swift created a song, “Snow on the Beach '' with Lana Del Rey, one of the most popular songs on this album.

If you are not sure about this album, there might be a song or two for you. Such as my personal favorites, “Snow on the Beach”, “Anti-Hero”, and “Sweet Nothing”. These songs are a few that are more indie/folk, like her last album, so if you were a fan of her last album and not too sure about this one, I recommend you those songs.

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