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Senior Spotlight: Michael Rosales

By Kira Hughes

With Graduation approaching and this hectic senior year coming to an end, Centennial Bulldog senior Michael Rosales has mixed emotions on what's to come. He expressed excitement on this new chapter, but also fear of growing up.

Throughout Rosales’ four years at Centennial, he has made both amazing friends and memories that he will remember forever. His favorite high school memory is the start of his swim season sophomore year.

“I had never swam before and didn't really know what to expect. In the end I loved it and it was something that grew with me throughout the following three years in high school.”

While this year has not been ideal for anyone, the senior class of 2021 can reflect on many missed opportunities and missed traditions. For Rosales, the hardest part was the second lockdown.

“I was really upset because I couldn't go out and get Burger King.”

Next year Rosales will be attending University of Northern Colorado with a major in journalism and multimedia studies.

If he could give any advice to incoming freshmen he would tell them, “Enjoy it; but also focus on what will get you to your goals for the future.”

Courtesy Photo.

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