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Senior Spotlight: Isabella Vigil

By Nevaeh Martinez

Isabella Vigil is currently a senior at Centennial High School. She has been chosen for senior spotlight due to her hard work and dedication in and outside of school. At 4'11", she still seems to get big tasks done.

"In school I only participate in cheer leading. My top priorities for this year is to pass all my classes,hopefully get an academic letter, as well as making new friends and new memories. Kinda just to live in the moment."

Outside of school Vigil Isabella works shifts at McDonald's. Having a job while in school is hard but very beneficial in the end.

"It’s okay. I mean like it’s a job. It’s good money, I have good hours, they work well around school and cheer which is really good for me. It gets super stressful sometimes and a lot of times I just don’t want to be there, but my coworkers make working there worth it."

In about four months Vigil Isabella will graduate with the class of 2020, she will walk across the stage to receive her high school diploma. The experience for her has been rough and exciting but it's given her life changing experiences, s. Something she will be able to hold and remember for a lifetime.

Although Vigil Isabella is growing into a mature adult, her height will remain the same over time. Her goals are very well known and she plans to stick with what she wants.

" I am going to school more, doing school work on time, and just focusing on what I need right now.''

When asked on how she feels about graduating this year Vigil states, " I’m ready for it. I’m excited but also scared!"

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