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Senior Spotlight: Bryson Arnott

By Richard Lane

Every student at Centennial High School is greatly different from one another. Centennial has such a vast variety of students that it makes it hard to put a stereotype on it, which is a great thing. This is what makes Centennial so great. There is every type of person at this school, and each one of them brings a special contribution to the student body.

For Bryson Arnott, his special contribution is his brains, dedication, athleticism, and kindness.

Arnott is a 4 year member of the soccer team, 4 year member of the track and field team, and then his senior year dove even deeper and joined the golf team, cross country team, and even kicks for the football team.

Arnott’s main sport, however, is soccer. He started playing soccer at a very young age and fell in love with it around 6th grade, when he decided to quit baseball to focus on soccer. Arnott has lettered all three years in soccer so far, making his senior year his 4th. Arnott was the goalie for the soccer team the past three years, and is planning on playing goalie for his final year.

Arnott throws shot put and discuss for the track and field team. He did not letter as a freshman, but did as a sophomore and then sadly was not able to as a junior due to the season being cut short because of COVID. For his senior year, however, he plans on lettering and plans on putting in the work during the off-season to take at least top ten in the SCL.

This senior year has been a much different year for Bryson Arnott, as he is now a 5 sport athlete. Arnott explained there were unique reasons for him joining the golf, cross country and football team all of a sudden.

“I first joined cross country to help prepare for soccer season. I then decided to join golf because I had played over the summer with my grandparents and enjoyed it so I decided to give it a shot since soccer season was moved to the spring. I decided to be the kicker for football this year because last year after soccer practice, I practiced kicking quite a bit with the previous kicker, Cisco Chavez. I then asked the coach if I would be able to play last season, but I was too late, but he said I could play next season if I came out.”

Arnott also put emphasis on what it’s like being a 5 sport athlete.

“Right now that it’s only football season, it’s not too crazy, but trying to juggle cross country, golf and club soccer all at once was a little hectic. Soccer and track aren't the same season, which will be nice since I will be able to focus enough on each sport. Another thing, too, is that I usually have club soccer the same season as track, but since it got moved to the fall, I will be able to put even more effort into this upcoming track season.”

Now for the realm of academia, Arnott has thrived with a cumulative GPA of 4.62 taking almost all honors classes and a total of 8 AP classes. Bryson is also a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and FBLA. Arnott is a 2 year state qualifier in FBLA in website design, taking top 10 in state his junior year.

Throughout his 4 years of high school, Arnott has made many friends through his classes, and especially through the sports he has played. Arnott is not loud, and does not demand the center of attention to be on him, but what Arnott is, is respected and liked by everyone he meets. This is due to his sheer kindness to anyone he comes in contact with. He has dedicated himself to being a Bulldog, and this does not only apply to sports and academics, but to the community of the school itself.

Artnott's plans after high school are not yet set in stone on where he will go for school, but he does know he wants to go for either computer engineering or electrical engineering.

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