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Senior Spotlight: Amanda Garbiso

By Kira Hughes

It's a bittersweet moment for the seniors graduating in the class of 2021. Amanda Garbiso speaks on being nervous to move on and live life but also her excitement to move on and do other things.

After high school, she plans on attending UCCS or CSU-P to obtain a cyber security computer science degree. In the far future, Garbiso wants three dogs, a bulldog being one of them.

Looking back on high school, one of her favorite memories was sophomore year trying out with her best friend Kira and the sense of accomplishment felt after. That was the first year being on varsity together.

A teacher that has impacted her and she will always remember is Mr. Carol. “ He taught me that I was smart enough to do anything that I put my mind to and made me feel confident in school again,” she said.

In order to stay organized on this last stretch of her senior year she will try the technique of doing homework somewhere other than her house so she is better focused.

Her role model that she has looked up to is her sister Alex. “She teaches you that you can persevere through any hardships that come your way.”

Courtesy Photo.

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