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Religious Sect Connections to Marshall Fire

By Evan Woodka-Kelly

The Centennialight

On December 30th of 2021, the devastating Marshall Fire was started in Boulder County. The fire was carried by hurricane-strength winds and swept into Louisville and Superior.

The fire burnt 6,026 acres of land and destroyed over 1,000 homes in the process.

Recently, investigators have tied connections to the cause of the fire to an area in outer Boulder. More specifically, the property of a Christain Sect known as “Twelve Tribes”.

The property has been fenced off by authorities since January 2nd, and are still conducting a search on the houses.

A person was driving in the area of the Twelve Tribes and filmed a video of a shed burning on the group’s property.

The property where the fire was spotted is in the same neighborhood as where the wildfire’s origins were pinpointed.

The Twelve Tribes have not been reachable since the fire.

The sect’s businesses are currently closed, including the Yellow Deli cafe in Boulder.

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