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Girl’s Cabinet Begins Volunteering

By Nadia Jackson

September 23, 2019

Carson Farnworth, Jamie McManaman, and Joli Dou help a dog socialize. Photo by Nadia Jackson

Girl’s Cabinet is an all girls service club whose goal is to help women develop leadership skills to be the leaders in their own life and to eventually make a difference in the issues they see in their community.

Members in the club have already had the opportunity to volunteer with Cowboys Kickin’ Cancer at the state fair, with PAWS, and at the soup kitchen.

Cowboys Kickin’ Cancer, an annual auction, allows girls to witness how willing people are to participate in events that help those in need. Participants in the event auction on experiences and goods donated by a number of sponsors, and all proceeds go to cancer research.

Volunteering with the community has allowed the members of the club to gain awareness of problems within their community as well as build a relationship with organizations that offer solutions.

Whether the results be individual or on a larger scale, each member has felt an impact from their participation with Girl’s Cabinet.

“It has impacted me by allowing me to see different sides of Pueblo that I would have never seen unless I found opportunities to stay involved. It has inspired me to continue volunteering in college and to one day possibly join the Peace Corps,” says Neela Ropp, current Head Girl.

Sunday saw the commencement of Centennial Girl’s Cabinet’s annual induction dinner, welcoming 10 new sophomore girls into membership with the club.

The club was founded at Centennial by Holly Smith after being the sponsor for five years at Central. Throughout the years, the girls in the club have changed, but members are generally interested in making a difference in the world around them, something Smith says is always inspiring to witness.

As this school year continues Assistant Head Girl, Joli Dou, says the club hopes to show how supportive they are of each other and of issues that impact this generation. Further opportunities to volunteer will be offered multiple times each month and members are also excited to begin working on this year’s campaign project, seeing the success of last year’s “Love the Right Way” campaign.

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