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Centennial Students Participate in All City Band

By Marisela Flores

Tuesday February 18 at 7 p.m. was the All City Band concert at South High School. All City Band is a band composed of band members from all Pueblo high schools. This is an audition band.

All the members who pass the audition make the band, this year 12 students from Centennial participated in All City. Practices began in January almost right after the auditions.

Centennial percussionist, Aaron Martinez, played three different instruments on different songs. Martinez said they played about six songs, when asked what the best part of All City was he said “Definitely playing music, the free food was great too though.”

All City had a few practices that were day long, meaning the students and band teachers missed the whole school day. The twelve Centennial students that were in the band were Aaron Martinez, Roman Maya, Zachary Chavez, Isabella Rodriguez, Calvin Garcia, Isabella Mobley, Anika Escalera, Serena Williams, Donovan Enclade, Paige Flores, Charles Medina, and Adelia Rocha.

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